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Philosophy of the Golf swing

Golf is an athletic sport. Many instructors try to make golf a very complicated motion by breaking the swing down into a science, but that only works on the range. The game was meant to be played on the course, so when you are on the range you should practice like you are on the course not the other way around. I believe there are three key essentials to hitting a good shot. 

First, you must have a good grip that is comfortable. Second, is finding the correct motion of the golf swing. It can be found by holding the wrong end of the club and making a swing. This movement makes it much easier to create a "swoosh" noise as the club passes through the air. The key to this noise is where you hear it.  You want to hear it on your follow through or the target side of the ball. This will teach you to release the club properly and get you to hit it further. Once you can consistently do it, hold the club in the correct way and hit a ball while trying to make the same noise. I teach my children to focus on the noise at first so they will finish their golf swing and not think about where the ball might go. The third thing is your finish. You should finish your swing with most of your weight in your front foot (left foot for right handed people.) If you do this, you will be able to finish with your belly button pointing towards your target. The belly button is a good indicator of where your weight finishes. If it is too far to the left of your target, then your weight is too much in the back foot. 

If you learn these three things, then you will be able to make a more repeatable swing which should produce a more consentient shot.  
Golf is not about hitting the ball perfectly every time, but being able to produce a consistent shot. People get caught up in how pretty their swing looks or how solid a shot is, but the game is really about getting the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible.

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